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Facebook is the Television in the 1960's

I am a big fan of continuous learning. I don't have a degree in business or anything so everything I learn I absorb from books or conferences or events. Continuous development is a big part of my professional life and I'm always listening to audiobooks or podcasts. (If you're looking for a good book to get started with check out Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley. It's one of those books that puts things in to perspective, or at least it did for me anyway.)

I was going through Gary Vaynerchuck's Podcast's earlier this week and ended up listening to a Keynote speech he delivered earlier in 2016 in San Diego at the Traffic & Conversion Conference. Although a lot of what Gary Vaynerchuck expresses is widely resonated throughout the business community he analogised Facebook/Twitter and so on in a  really simple way, a way that makes it easy to break down whenever I am selling or explaining literally how powerful social media is now and will be in the future. 

It effectively breaks down (and I've modified it slightly to be more accommodating for the UK audience) to the fact that Facebook is the television, as it was in the 1960's. And the television is now effectively the radio. People only spend an average of four hours watching it compared to in the past, especially since now, probably everybody reading this post uses Netflix or Amazon to watch their shows on their time.  

So, from this, if Facebook (and Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat) are "the television" of the modern day, then your media influencers, the likes of TheLadBible, Zoella, Sleepy Panda, The Hook and so on, these are the channels. It gets more profound, you have your sports channels, like Sporf or hundreds of unaffiliated accounts relating to people's favourite teams. You have your beauty & health channels, like Kathleen Lights or Jaclyn Hill and so on.

The only difference between now and 1960 is that anybody can create their own channel and broadcast. This is only further augmented by the fact Facebook, leading the pack, introduced Live Video so that you can literally broadcast your brand or channel to your audience. YouTube's days are numbered when it comes to what Facebook has lined up for video. 

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If you were to ask any company back in the 1960's - 

Hey, would you like a commercial on the television or your own channel to promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and to consistently engage with your customers on a direct level?

The answer every time would have been yes. To get in that niche area where everyone is devoting more than 50% of their attention span for more than five hours a day? Of course people would have said yes. The only reason they didn't was price/access to resources/know-how.  Well that time is now over, and it's Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and so on that are the television's this century and resources are plentiful, our smartphones are the best content generators we have, capturing real life everyday experiences.

What enhances this point more, is the whole time people are watching television they have their phone right beside them! When companies are paying for commercials on the television in-between whatever is on television - people are paying more attention to the advert on Facebook that comes up. 

So, why are there some company's not actively advertising or marketing their business on social media? Every time there is the same pool of answers, from the "I've never used it before, why should I now" to "I don't really understand it" and upsettingly if this remains their frame of mind continuously they will lose out massively. They will become the people/businesses that 20 years ago said that the internet wasn't going to last and look how that turned out.  


- Dom Carter

Director at What Marketing


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