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Chris' Top 5 Travel Apps


I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of travelling in the last year, originally for Invasion Corp and then with starting What Marketing Company. I left for Asia not he 31st of May with hand luggage, I was away for just shy of 4 months and covered Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & the east coast of America, I only took one piece of hand luggage but was quite reliant on apps whilst away so if you are doing any travelling in 2017 here are


 My top 5 recommendations:



- I love this app, it allows you to create postcards, customised with your own photos and messages and send them to family and friends. 


Air BnB

- It wasn't until today, in Leirvik Norway, that I really began to think of the true power of air BnB… I always thought of it a bit like Uber, black cabs are expensive, Uber is a lot cheaper but the same product. However air B n B really makes a country more accessible. Where we are staying tonight is in a remote, beautiful part of Norway. A couple of years ago myself and 8 friends stayed in an amazing house in the hills somewhere in Croatia. 



 - Download maps so you don't need WiFi - It allows you to download countries so you can search and maps routes without internet. During my time in Thailand, I did a fair bit of travelling from place to place on a moped, which was great fun but so much easier with Maps.me



- I don’t really believe in having a solid plan before going to a country. Sky scanner is ideal for that I had flights all over Asia, booked within a few days notice for incredible prices *best Bangkok to Hanoi for £12*. 



- Audbile book app. I’m not a good long distance driver, but audio books really help me stay focused. Today, I listened to part of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and had these views:


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Director at What Marketing Company



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