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Why It's Good For a Social Media Agency to Be Like Netflix

What Marketing Company spend upwards of 20 hours a week editing videos, animations and optimizing social media campaigns for clients. This is obviously crucial to our business but more blindingly obvious is the reasoning behind it that often goes unrecognised. What is the point in producing a video or an animation for your business?

It surprised me to know that Netflix was founded in 1997. Before the UK had even heard of Netflix, they were crushing it, growing from 1 million subscribers in 2002 to around 5.6 million at the end of 2006. Fast-forward to 14 million subscribers in March 2010, Netflix established dominance as DVD players in households became increasingly common. Then Netflix concentrated their business on streaming media in 2007 and are still riding that wave now. Now in 2017, the Netflix website attracts at least 194 Million Visitors with a total of 93.8 million subscribers.


Here's the cool bit - In 2013 Netflix entered content production, offering “Netflix Original” content for streaming. Netflix monitors what we are watching and then they create really specific genres. Netflix started to tear this data apart, analyze it, understand it and start using that to produce original content that replicates what the market wants.

In 2013 House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Hemlock Grove where created. They then pushed this content out to a huge distribution network of people already on the platform.


With 93 Million users crying out for the next series to binge watch, its pretty difficult to flop.


So why do we want to be like Netflix?


We want to create the content and match it with the distribution.  


Video content is something that I’ve been doing for a few years, for big brands and for small brands. It's only since meeting Dom and forming What Marketing Company that I realised, I’ve been producing content giving it back to a client for them to host on a YouTube channel or Website, with no distribution tactics or genuinely crafted objective. (With the exception perhaps of the maybe boosting the post on Facebook, which really, only shows the content to people who already like the page in question so is a bit pointless?)


We’ve spent time creating lookalike audiences, syphoning audiences and creating custom audiences, so that when it comes to distributing videos and animations we are matching it with campaigns that put the content in front of those who are crying out to consume it.


An example we can use is a travel client of ours based in Australia that hired us to create engaging video content and match it with a campaign to a series of custom travel audiences we had created, previously tested and knew would respond, share and engage with the content.


From this, we then refined the campaign following various split testing and optimization efforts which concluded in a more than desired outcome for the client: 262 applications in less than 21 days for less than £600 Ad Spend.


For more information on our processes, how we develop campaigns from start to finish: script writing, storyboarding, audience identifying and ultimately execution reach out to me at chris@whatmarketingcompany.com

Chris Townsend

Creative Director



Dom Carter