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Need To Raise Funds For Your Business?

At What Marketing, our offices are pretty cool. We have a grassy bleachers, props from Universal Studios, Disney, Star Wars and so on, we’ve even got our own coffee shop and pub combined. Being based on the side of the canal in-between Salford and Manchester we often tend to get a lot of passers-by peaking through the windows, probably asking what on Earth is going on inside that building?! 


Fortunately for us, the space is so good, so full of energy it automatically puts a positive spin on any meeting we have. It makes us really enthused about people’s ideas and vice-versa (we like to think!). We tend to find people reach out to us and come in for advice or guidance on their marketing plans for the future or asking us what they need to do to get people buying their product or using their app. 


What some people don’t often realise is that there are people out there [your market!] who would love to be involved with what you do and there is a portion of that audience that has money that they would be willing to invest into your idea. This usually acts as cement as to whether or not an idea is truly a good idea or not. At What Marketing we are consistently advising people on how to raise money for their business. What’s more is that people seem to know about Crowdfunding or Kickstarter campaigns but not necessarily the premise behind it, so we thought we would take a moment to explain…


Crowdfunding your business is an increasingly popular route for start-up companies or young enterprises to go down. It’s essentially showcasing what you have, your idea, your business, your app on a national or global stage and asking for money. It’s estimated that last year over £50 million was raised just in the UK through crowdfunding. Most people become instantly skeptical of the idea of crowdfunding since they think it’s the modern day equivalent of floating your company on the stock exchange under an IPO. Really, what it means is that you can offer anything from a handwritten Thank You letter to perhaps a beta-version of your App in development in return for £10.00 donation. 


Scaling up, some people give away prototypes of products, multiples of products etc but usually with high-end crowdfunding campaigns it’s an opportunity for investors to get their hands on what could be the next big thing early. For marketeers it’s a chance to test a new way to gauge people’s attention, for e-commerce sites it’s a way to test a new product range and so on. 


But the question then beckons, how do people kick-off their crowdfunding campaign when they already have zero budget? For us, when we meet people with seriously goodideas that we believe in, we want to support in whatever so way that we can. As a creative shop, this usually involves us producing content, in video or animated format for the company to use as a tool in their plight to secure investment. Understandably, we don’t take an initial charge but instead agree a fixed-percentage of the raised amount as our return, once your campaign. 


An example being, you want to raise £30,000 for investment but need creative marketing help. We have a chat and discuss what you need and learn about your idea.

We agree it’s a game-changer and want to get involved and propose that the best way to help you hit your investment goal is through a viral video marketing campaign that would cost £3,000. We then teach you how to set up your crowdfunding campaign, but the amount you are seeking to raise is now £33,000 to cover the creative costs. 


Some time passes, some more hustling and chatting to potential investors goes on but then ultimately you reach the target you were looking for and everyone wins. I must stress, we don’t do this with every person that walks through our doors with an idea, only ideas that we truly believe in and want to get involved with. So, if you think you have an awesome idea and need help raising the funds to get it to the next stage…

Drop us an e-mail at info@whatmarketingcompany.com