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Paying To Advertise on Competitor's Videos - New Facebook Video Ads 📽

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It's not news that Facebook Video is fast chasing YouTube's tail as the leading video content producer and platform for views on the web. 

Zuckerberg's been encouraging more and more video content in the last year through new features trend-setting features like Facebook Live and the picture-in-picture feature that let's you continue watching a video after you continue scrolling through your news feed (See Image!). 


Now it looks as though Facebook are going to rolling out a "Mid-Roll" ad format (compared to the well-known "pre-roll" YouTube format" allowing content publishers to insert ads in their videos after more than 20 seconds of view time. 


Given the fact that Facebook boasted that users on the platform spend over 100 million hour per day watching video on Facebook, this opens up the floor for marketeers to bid for ad space on videos viewed by their desired audiences. Better yet for those pushing out the content, Facebook is giving video publishers more than half of the revenue. This is only encouraging the publishers to put out more engaging content! 

What does this mean? It means publishers/content producers up until now sought to make videos engaging for at least the first 5 seconds to 'get a view' - They will have to work much harder now to maintain the audience's engagement for at least 20 seconds in order to generate income off the back of this revenue. 

Will YouTube challenge this? Or will they increase their revenue split with publishers? 


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