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Snap Inc - Are you getting glasses?

Soon, needing smartphones to shoot buzzy Snapchat videos will be a thing of the past. Snapchat announced its rebrand as Snap Inc by launching a pair of techy sunglasses called Spectacles that will let marketers, creators and users change how they film and post Snapchat clips.

$130 pair of video capturing sunglasses to capture memories to share with friends. So they aren't really too expensive records short form videos (up to 10 seconds) in a circular format, that can be sent to your phone.

Despite the product being marketed more as a toy and for social/everyday use the 115 degree circular lens offers a solution to the mobile problem of vertical vs square use when viewing content as the aspect ratio will allow you to view both ways.

Imran Khan (snap inc CSO) said that the U.S., Canada and Europe represent 110 million daily active users. More than two-thirds of those people actually create daily content within the app, with the average person spending 25 to 30 minutes in it.

For travel brands that we currently work with we are using snap chat to great success - for example currently allowing us to engage on a day to day basis with over 4,000 viewers on snap chat and I think this point of view way of filming with only improve that engagement.