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PR, NRBMCR & GO KARTING | WEEKLY D #003 | 26.3.17

So I was back from my weekend in the States and in the What Marketing Company office in Salford. With a flailing trace of jet lag I was excited to be back feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to crack on. For the video side this week we had a busy one, with back-to-back filming each day in Manchester and Liverpool. Campaign and business dev wise we were equally busy, with a range of events in the evenings and client meetings taking place. 

The working week for me began Tuesday, when Chris and Caspa took off at around mid-morning to go and collect some footage for a client in central Manchester. How cool is this image? The footage is going to be awesome! This was taken on top of a car park in Shudehill, by the Arndale. The weather in Manchester on this day was amazing, is Spring really here already? I'm counting down the days until I can wear my flip-flops into the office again. 

Back in the office, after a brief meeting with an external video production agency looking to outsource some work to ourselves in the future. At What Marketing Company, we're pretty honoured to be able to offer in-house animation, videography and illustration services. For our size and time we have been going, there are very few agencies that are able to offer those three disciplines in-house and side-by-side. 

Early on in the afternoon, Chris and I headed over to Old Granada Studio to catch up with Ant from Jimbag. JimBag have some really exciting plans coming up over the next few months. They are being featured all over the media at the moment and recently have been published in the likes of GQ magazine, Esquire and Heat. Their merchandise is available to buy online and in Selfridges. For those that don’t know, JimBag create fashionable fitness bags that are stylish enough to be taken to the gym and to work and are versatile enough to accommodate most things people use on a day-to-day basis. We had a good catch up and discussed some campaigns we can work on together in the future as Jimbag's growth continues. 

Later that afternoon, we dropped into the Northern Restaurant and Bar show. It’s the North’s largest hospitality show. It was being held at the the GMEX (otherwise known as Manchester Central). 


To say it was busy would be an understatement! The food and drink industry is a pretty sociable industry anyway to say the least but everyone seemed to know one another and treated it as a great opportunity to share their products with everyone else and make connections. We attended because we would be Live Streaming one of the shows the following day via Facebook for a client. 


I dropped Chris off at the GMEX the following day so that he could conduct the Live Stream for our client. I went off to the Market Street in search of fancy dress shops to buy Nurses outfits and Lab coats for the following days filming (all will become clear soon, I promise). Whilst out, I was informed that we had been featured in several news outlets regarding What Marketing Company's launch, we were covered in Entirely Marketing

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 19.43.47.png

and Marketing Communication News - Click either of the links to read the releases, they are both very samey though!

Wednesday afternoon was composed of another meeting with an App company looking for What Marketing Company to help them launch a kick-starter campaign. The trouble with working with App-Start-Up’s is that we sign a lot of NDA’s to help them protect their idea, which means that we can’t really share what we’re up to or working on too much about it. But, here’s a nice photo of where we had our meeting at the Refuge.

Thursday morning was an early start for everyone as we had a full day of shooting taking place in several locations across Manchester and Salford. Remember last week when I mentioned how we had a venue cancel on us last minute? Well it was for the shoot we had on the Thursday of this week. Luckily for us, the chaps at The White Lab were able to provide us with their laboratory for the day since they were a work retreat somewhere in the Peak District. 

The lab was on the third floor of a building composed of all things orthodontic. The location worked really well for what we were doing despite a large gas chamber in the corner of the room making loud whirring noises every 25 minutes!  

The first half of the shoot was over by 1pm and we broke for lunch. To Chris' dismay he received a parking ticket! The second part of the day was spent at the University of Salford's Media City campus. We leveraged Chris' new status as Visiting Lecturer to take advantage of using the labs, corridors and spaces at the University. 

Later that evening, I attended a networking event at the Seven Brothers Beerhouse in Ancoats. The event was hosted by Seven Brothers and Insight Recruitment and was designed to offer an 'insight' into recruiting people into marketing/tech roles. Ultimately, the content of the event I didn't find massively useful or interesting but the venue itself, the Beerhouse, was awesome and I'd recommend anyone to check it out. We also met a few interesting people as well - It was a rare and refreshing occasion that we attended a networking event in Manchester and weren't familiar with anybody there. 

By the time Friday came around we were all pretty beat, I was suffering from prolonged jet lag and lack of sleep, Chris was exhausted from back-to-back filming each day, Caspa could only see life as a series of animations (for what I can imagine happens after you stare at a Mac 3 days straight compiling animations!). The only one who seemed super spritely was young Ben. The week wasn't over however as we had a new script to complete and a couple of events to attend in the evening. 

The afternoon in the office came to an end as I was invited out with the chaps from Periscope Wealth (A company that provides Pension & ISA reviews for their clients). They were having a team outing to TeamSport go-karting at the Manchester Arena. I took Ben along, since I thought it would be a good chance for him to practice driving ahead of getting his first lessons in. He was very confident that he would wipe the floor with me and everyone else... sadly for Ben, driving/go-karting was much harder than he imagined and after getting black-flagged and crashing several times he came to the realisation he may have to spend a bit less time playing Mario Kart and a bit more time actually doing driving lessons! (Sorry, Ben!).

Fortunately, I was able to step up and fly the flag for What Marketing Company and beat the Periscope boys in two back-to-back heats! This was a pretty rewarding way to round up the week but I must say a big thanks to them for inviting Ben and I along! I've posted my time-sheet below just incase anyone doesn't believe me! 

Until next week! 

Dom Carter




Dom Carter