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A week bound to the office at What Marketing Company. It’s not often we have super sedentary week’s where we are consistently in-front of our laptops editing videos, playing on social media campaigns, animating armadillo’s or hosting clients or partners in the office but this week turned out to be one of them. It doesn’t make for interesting content but then I imagine very little of what I throw out it ever worthy of a literary award.



The week kicked off with a meeting with a couple of people who had sought me out for advice and consulting on how to re-launch their local trade business. They had been about a bit in the past as part of a franchise where they had ultimately had to pay a tonne of money to exit from.


Credit to them they were still passionate about the actual service they were providing following leaving the franchise and were 100% confident they could even take on the franchise with what little money to invest they had. They aware they were missing out a large chunk of their possible audience through NOT advertising on social media and they had had their fingers burned in the past wrongfully entrusting dodgy PPC/SEO campaigners to run random campaigns.


Their solution to get involved and build traction on social media was a relatively easy one when it came to content, their trade was Hands-On and client facing and effectively it was more a case of me enlightening them about what they knew they could do already, but I guess weren’t familiar with how to execute; something as similar as a Before and After photo with a client or a short-form video tour of a client’s property would go a long way and solved their absence of content problem. They run a very personable, family business, there’s no harm in them filming a video testimonial with each of their happy clients on their phones after they finish working them then uploading it to social media. Furthermore, if they’re visiting 2-3 clients per day they should be engaging with all these people before and after via social media, it’s a simple way to (I hate this phrase) ‘growth hack’ their accounts into their client’s audience’s/news feeds!


They left realising they have a lot of work to do in terms of getting content and how to go about the best way to advertise their business, but they left feeling as though their minds had been blown open about the amount of opportunity in-front of them to capitalize on where their competition isn’t advertising!


Realistically, the only other interesting meeting I had that afternoon was with a second-year University student Joe Wear who I spent about an hour with explaining what we do at What Marketing Company and listened to his start-up business idea. Effectively, it was a subscription based employee reward system paid for by the employer. It’s not the most ground-breaking or new idea and there is a lot of competition but Joe is passionate about making a solid-relationship with each of the businesses and understanding the employees so that any ‘rewards’ they earn are genuinely a good gift for that employee, instead of maybe just some Amazon Vouchers that hardly scream out loud that the employer put much thought into the gift.

His challenge was that he couldn’t get into see many of the businesses he had been targeting. I asked what approach he was taking and I wasn’t surprised whatsoever when he told me he had been messaging people via LinkedIn and dropping cold-emails. With respect, this is 2017 and there are so many more innovative ways you can go to grab someone’s attention – especially when you are going to be asking people to give you $$$.


You know if you DM on Instagram a micro-business or sometimes an SME, it’s likely to go through directly to either the person at the top or the very least the Head of Marketing. Be creative with your messaging. When we were starting out with What Marketing Company I think Chris and I DM’d about 500 local businesses on Instagram in Manchester

– How successful was that? I think we got about one piece of business out of it but we had conversations with companies, we rose our awareness and qualified more about what types of clients we should be looking for and what the people we were messaging were in need of – but this is when we were starting out and we were so hungry to get some new business in, that when we eventually landed that client after 100’s of DM conversations it was totally worth it. If you’re really invested in bootlegging your start-up why wouldn’t you spend almost every waking moment messaging every potential client and starting conversations with them?!


Ultimately – I said to Joe, that in my opinion – for his idea and for people to listen, spend time researching the IDEAL clients that he wants and be realistic about it; qualify whether they could benefit from it, can they afford it and do they have nothing like that in place already. Then stalk that company on LinkedIn, watch out and pay attention for when the MD/CEO issues praise down the line – then ASAP send that person a cake or personalised gift from “that company” referencing why they’re receiving that praise in the first place! Then wait a day or so, then send a letter, via post, to the MD/CEO asking them about the value that sending whatever the gift was to that employee and whether or not they then want a chat about possible integrating more treats like that on a trial basis. Like Netflix, you always get a trial run ahead of actually giving any money away, this is how this guy needs to kick-start his plan by giving away that value and showing the employee engagement/happiness levels rise.



Annoyingly I had my Tuesday morning and early afternoon booked out for an extensively long meeting that ended up getting cancelled. Frustrating that I had an empty morning but fortunate in a way because I was able to utilise it my advantage to catch up on e-mails, annoy Ben for a bit and spend more time working on the live campaigns we had out.


That evening, I got back and managed to go for a 10km run in the evening, which is the longest run I’ve achieved since I did a half marathon four weeks ago – should probably mention at this stage that Chris and I are supposed to participating in the London Marathon in literally 24 days. No pressure.

Later on Tuesday evening, one of our clients, UniSkills published the animation that we created for them. As a start-up, they had a restricted budget and didn't take into consideration voice-over artist fees. Naturally, I stepped up to the plate and debuted as a voice over artist in the animation below. Big shout out to Caspa (our animator) for turning the behemoth around so quickly! 



The hump day was our “busy day” this week with near back-to-back meetings throughout the entire day. The morning consisted of meeting up with photographers as we try and develop a roster to help us better serve our clients by outsourcing experience/specialist photographers for specific clients.  We then headed into to town to attend a client meeting – the client is a restaurant about to re-launch themselves. They got in touch after they saw the below video that we produced for Beastro MCR on their soft-launch opening night.

The Beastro video above, we filmed on a Monday evening and by midday on Tuesday it had over 1000 views with no Ad Spend on a page that usually has posts reach about 300 people. I’d consider that successful… right now at time of writing (Friday 21:32) is on 4,800 views with still no Ad Spend on a relatively small page. This basically means that the video has been seen by 12x the amount of people that actually Like the page!

We had a good meeting with the gents at the restaurant in Spinningfield then dropped by Beastro to taste some wine and chat to Naomi – The wine was incredible, if you visit Beastro ask for a glass of “The Guv’nor”.

We brought Naomi up to speed on everything we’ve been doing, we showed her our campaign video for a client we’ve been working on (If you’re following the Weekly D it’s the one we’re working on to go Viral) – Check out Naomi’s reaction to the first draft of the video below!


Wednesday evening we attended a Networking Event at Pie & Ale in the Northern Quarter – I didn’t find it all that engaging or interesting since there was a lot of content relevant to me but the atmosphere was a good one. The highlight of the event was the final speaker who discussed the latest trends within the actions people take on Social Media.



Thursday we had booked out for a client day. One of our clients are imminently close to going live with their website and their products so we spent a day with them discussing all things media and marketing to make sure everything was set and ready before they headed back to California.


Naturally, we had a catch up over lunch first before jumping in to things. First we went through all the video and animation content we had created, they were massively impressed with the work Caspa and Chris had done and were excited to see how successful it would perform upon being released.


We then went through the social media content calendar for the next three months and what campaigns would be running, for how long and what we’re looking to achieve off the back of them. This is largely my realm and admittedly up until now the bulk of the work was all media creative which I have relatively little input into other than script writing and ideas so it was great to finally be involved. We spend upwards of £20,000 a month on Facebook within our office and in order to achieve results and positive ROI we are consistently testing against different adverts/audiences and creatives. Whenever launching a new brand, I need to be quite insistent about the important of a variety of copy/images/video for a campaign Vs just the one that people think will work.


How else do you understand your market the best unless your testing against every variable and optimizing?



The end of the week saw the launch of our new local coffee shop – It’s actually a coffee shop based within our incubator: Invasion Hub. Guess what it’s called? Invasion Coffee. Although it was a soft-launch (two in a week now) it was a success, Lawrence Walsh who heads up the coffee shop through a small event and welcomed people to coffee shop which sells all different types of coffees and cakes.


We actually came up with the idea last Summer when Invasion Hub was in development. We moved from Ancoats where the area was literally inundated with pubs and coffee shops and going to grab an Iced Coffee was a regular thing to do. When we moved into the Hub, at the Foundry in Salford, there was a massive void and absence of coffee shops nearby within walking distance. Off the back of that, there’s always been a plan to launch a coffee shop within the Hub and now that Spring is here it makes sense. We’re in the process of getting charis and tables for outside during the Summer too.


If you want to come along to the next coffee event they run fortnightly, making the next one the 14th of April.


Later that Friday afternoon we enjoyed the company of Kirsty from WebAntic at our office, she came over to check out some of the video / animation stuff we’ve been working on over the last few months ahead of our session filming the latest event put together by WebAntic head-honcho Luke Grimes: Founder Insights. It’s an opportunity for people to listen and ask questions to those that have begun successful tech start-ups. The first one takes place next week and is features Paul Stacey from Fatsoma.

More details about that can be found here

Thank you!



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