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Last week was a pretty packed week for myself and the team at What Marketing Company. Things were a little intensified when our flights back from Berlin got cancelled and we ended up spending the weekend in the German capital. The Pro’s were that Chris & I got a lot of work done, but then when it get’s to Tuesday and you feel a little jaded and question why you realize it’s because you haven’t actually had a weekend. I guess they are relied on in a sub-conscious element as a way to almost restart your mindset ready for a new week.

Monday morning kicked off with two back-to-back interviews, we’re currently working with Invasion to help them recruit for my former role as Head of Marketing and source a new Social Media Exec for the office too. If you happen to know anyone do drop us an e-mail (details at the bottom). Interviewing candidates for roles in our office is always interesting if they’ve never seen the office before. Candidates arrive formally dressed expecting (if they haven’t done their research) a probably bog-standard office with work-space dividers, a water-cooler and some random desks and meeting rooms. Instead, when they arrive to our offices at Invasion Hub they are met by a fully-stocked Tiki Bar and 7m high palm tree. As candidates are escorted to the meeting room they probably pass 6 or 7 Pixar and Star Wars life-size toys and walk through the disco-room. It’s not your usual office. The office itself reflects the nature and character of individuals, companies/brands within it: fun, youthful and full of ambition.

On Monday afternoon, we (Chris, Ben & myself) grabbed an Uber into Spinningfields a few hours early ahead of a meeting so that we could catch up with Richard Brown over at Beastro. We had a coffee and left little Ben in Richard’s custody as Chris and I went over to OGS works for a meeting about a viral campaign we are launching next month for a client. We’re very lucky to be in a position where we are only really working with clients that we (a) get along really well with and (b) strongly share their passion to drive their brand/business. Our initial remit from the client was to develop create video content and market their products through online media but after getting more involved and learning about how cool the product is we’re launching a viral campaign next month and working closely with PR outlets to ensure it get’s talked about in the print media too.

If you get the chance to visit Beastro or are in the Spinningfields area I'd strongly suggest the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich

If you get the chance to visit Beastro or are in the Spinningfields area I'd strongly suggest the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich


Tuesday morning, Chris was with Scott Hadden from FoodnFilm and putting the final touches to the latest edit showcasing the new networking event. The bulk of my day was spent at an eCommerce event hosted by the University of Salford at Adelphi House. I turned up late and gatecrashed it but I don’t think anyone cared. I wasn’t overly blown away by the entire event until the second speaker after lunch who was THE FIRST person in the UK I’ve met who is developing and talking about using A.I such as Siri and Alexa as marketing tools. Effectively they are developing the equivalent of Siri / Alexa for retail apps that sit on your screen and communicate to you regarding your purchases – really cool shit.



After the talk, I chatted with the chap who built the software about our mutually agreed opinions that the future is all about Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality coupled with voice activated Calls-To-Action over handheld devices. Like, imagine if your iPhone screen was embedded within a contact lens that you wore everyday throughout your life and was voice activated, or even thought activated! Stuff like that is coming, like Facebook have an entire development team of neuroscientists working to develop integrating that stuff inside your head!

Wednesday we hit a bit of a stumbling block, a venue we were using to film in the following week cancelled on us last minute which was a ball-ache. Within minutes the boys were on the phones going through Google’s results for “Science Labs in Manchester” – Within about 15 minutes we had were offered the use of a newly renovated lab in Deansgate – and what’s even better is that the day we needed to use it for filming next week they weren’t even going to be there! We jumped in an Uber to go and check it out.

It’s a dentist’s lab and there are teeth, models of jaws, jawbones and dentures everywhere. Could you imagine everyday making peoples teeth? They showed us around the lab and told us what we could and couldn’t touch next week and how expensive stuff would be if we broke it.

After sorting the lab, we headed over to Rise on Deansgate for a catch up with some of our investors. Basically just briefing on what we’ve been up to and got some really good insight and advice on how best to tackle growing pains as a start-up agency.

Rise, Deansgate

Rise, Deansgate

We arrived back the Hub and had our weekly meeting. We went through a breakdown of all pending work, proposals that are outstanding, story-boarding and what filming/editing days are coming up. A main topic was about the video campaign we’re producing for a client. We’ve had a couple of ways we can go about augmenting it’s views etc. through social channels. One is a very traditional route to the audience through publishing it through the clients own channels and doing a standard job, but effective, of generating millions of views. The approach we’ve gone for on this account is to provide the content to external media outlets with pre-written articles about the actual video content itself. In order for the video to ping it has to have something that will make it generate traction. For this instance, we’re going down the controversial route. Making a talking point that people will either be disgusted by or find absolutely hilarious. The product is so good within it’s market that the audience should see through the comical controversy surrounding the campaign and I’m really excited to be able to write about it and whether or not it’s a success very soon.

Weekly Catch Up - Ignore Chris' gesture

Weekly Catch Up - Ignore Chris' gesture



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